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Crash Course in Tarot: Have a weekend retreat in just five hours! If you enjoy fast paced learning with immediate reward, this course is for you. Students range from brand new to the topic, seasoned hobbyists, to those looking to go professional. Your investment of time and donation is intentional cultivation of your own experiential wisdom. The first two hours Occult Priestess will guide you through the 78 traditional Tarot cards, highlighting "The Fool's Journey" through the major arcana and the associations with the minor arcana. The third hour consists of learning grids, spreads, layouts, "the Matrix" of the Tarot, and card combinations. For the remaining time, I will work with you as a Priestess. We will construct a practice around your Tarot goals. Any questions will be addressed at this time. Over thirty years of professional experience has brought me into mastery of the "Book of Life", the Tarot.

5 hours crash course $875

2 hour condensed crash course: $525

Esoteric Education: Above academics! Bring action, light and movement into your spiritual practice. This mini course is designed to get you active on your path to wholeness. Setting a foundation, Occult Priestess will narrate a brief history of human kind, from her personal ancient Egyptian perspective of the soul. Bringing time forth to the now, the modern occult movement, and it's motives, will be revealed. Occult priestess will impart the universal goal of the soul, Enlightenment, and how others have attained this state. The second part of the session will consist of a personalized plan, of time and space management to seamlessly integrate your new practices. Getting you active,in the cultivation of your own Soul's Gold. Goal setting and attaining Gods will for us, is simple with a little Magick, and right thinking. Details given on the following topics: Simple spells: Candles, Oils, Colors, Herbs, Moon phases, types of spells. Also, meditation, altar offerings, connection prayers, intuition and faith building, divination, dream work, Gods, and the upper realms.

3 Hours: $707


Guided meditation: Meditate with a Tibetan Buddhist of the Karma Kagyu lineage, Occult Priestess. Re-learn how to stay in the moment and relax at will.

One hour sessions $275

E-mail Dream Interpretation: Dreams reveal our subconscious and hold the language of the soul. Expert visionary and symbologist, Occult Priestess explains the meaning of the themes within your dreams.



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