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Virtual Reiki Session: I am your virtual soul spa. Enjoy your virtual session on the beach, at the park or in your meditation space! For one hour, together we will tune into the harmonious vibrations of the Universal Force of Reiki, the healing ray. We will shift your consciousness into a serene, comforting state of self repair, and loving self care. Refresh, relax and reset with your virtual Reiki session. Also suggested as a uniquely special gift for loved ones and co-workers.

Personal Prayers: When I began couseling I found myself experiencing a great compassion for my clients and naturally asked "May I pray for you?" I have prayed for thousands over the years, and through my experimentation I know it works, and so do my clients. I will focus on your energy as I ask for divine grace. I will pray for you three nights during the correct moon phase according to the nature of your request. If you have a God/Goddess/Saint that you would like me to pray to, include with your request.

Spell Kit: Experience Occult Priestesses homemade spells. Each kit includes a spell candle empowered with my hand carved symbols, one herbal sachet, crystal, spell oil, talisman and complete hand written instructions on how to attain your specific goal. Go a step beyond prayer and create a little magick! Price includes an e-mail consultation and shipping.


Personalized Spell: A spell crafted specifically for you performed by Occult Priestess. Utilizing your astrological information, numerology, moonphase, empowered hand carved spell candle, custom designed oil, crystals and herbs. The items used in your spell will be shipped to you with simple follow up instructions. I require a recent photo and personal details. Personalized spells are powerful and work faster. Price includes a detailed webcam consultation and shipping.

Soul Sovereignty: Are you a visionary, artist, psychic, healer or intuitive? For clients gifted with deeper intuition, or the spiritually advanced I offer Soul Sovereignty Counseling. The goal of soul counseling is to anchor the higher perfected soul awareness into the waking consciousness. Starting where you are, we will forge the path to your Truest self, and assist you in answering your soul's calling. This form of counseling is mystical, deeply healing, groundbreaking, and medicinal to the soul. Results are instant, the moment you connect with your higher self. This is a gift, a friendship that will last forever. Reacquaint yourself with the authentic You. A single session will bring you into contact with your Soul Self. For those who continue further sessions, the path of the soul, and life's calling or "Soul Scroll" will be revealed. Invest in your SOUL today.

Past Life Regression: Occult Priestess is your guide through the journey of your past lives. You are cautioned to have a friend with you during the regression. Regressions are performed via skype, a babysitter can wake you from the meditation in case of emergency. Implementing an intense relaxation through a guided meditation method, the mind is free to receive pictures and information of your past lives. You will see it all unfolding behind your eyes, as if in a full color dream. During this dream like state you will retell stories, feelings and names from your past life. Korinne can direct the client toward any life they maybe curious about. Korinne has performed hundreds of past life regressions since 1991. If you have a specific phobia or issue past life regression could be your answer.


It is my pleasure and soul's calling to bring you these blessed services. I love my work because I see magickal results all the time. I greatly enjoy amazing clients with my gifts and making a distinct difference in the quality of their lives and relationships. I am grateful to all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen I have guided and assisted in healing over the years.

May our good works help to bring peace and harmony to our world.

Namaste and Blessed Be,

Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson



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